Our company provides a ready-to-use Bulk SMS & Bulk Email Solutions under which we for ….

Cost Per Lead Solutions are widely accepted due to the guaranteed returns. This solution ….

Toll-free Service allows callers to reach your organizations across the country through a unique …

A short code is a fewer digits number than a 10-digit telephone number to which an SMS or text ….

We @ PaceMS have been contributing since years in leveraging the products and services reach the right target. We have seen products growing by leaps and bounds by using our solutions. Be it Small, medium or Large  Enterprise our structured solutions help transform every business. Our value added solutions facilitate every product and service with the much needed structured communication. Thus improving service performance whilst boosting business returns.


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  • Personalized SMS with Company Name

    Whenever the recipient gets Text Message your name flashes on the his mobile screen. It helps to create a Brand Remembrance at the same time it builds credibility about the service in the recipient’s mind. This in turn brings in more returns.

  • Unique Sender Id & Branding

    Unique Sender ID & Branding creates distinct brand identity in the customer’s mind. It facilitates structured communication and transforms the business process.

  • No Hidden, Monthly, Setup & Additional Costs

    Using our solutions is absolutely economical. As you don’t have to pay Monthly, Setup or any other Additional Costs which otherwise required for other mediums. It in turn brings in more returns by spending minimal charges.

  • Multiple SMS Routes

    Multiple SMS Routes contributes to increased productivity. As it helps to expand reach, thus popularize the product across the country.

  • Pan India Standard Rates

    Wherever your business is located, our communication solutions do not cost you an extra penny. As we charge Pan India Standard Rates, which enables you to take the benefits of our solutions without paying any additional cost.

  • Easy Software Integration

    You don’t need to be a technology pro to use our solutions. As an Easy Software Integration saves on Time and efforts. At the same time Process Efficiency which ensures accelerated growth.

  • Additional Revenue Generation

    Using our solutions is indeed a smart move as Economical Solutions, Higher Productivity, Increased Efficiency and many other benefits contribute to Additional Revenue Generation.

Our services

Bulk SMS/Email

Our company provides a ready-to-use Bulk SMS Solutions under which we offer SMS Services and Text Messaging Solutions for companies and individuals for different purposes like marketing, advertising, greetings, personal reminders and payment reminders.

Our Company provides a ready-to-use Bulk/ Trans Email Solutions under which we offer Email facilities. The sole reason is to entice user to respond immediately. Selling is the ultimate objective, but the response can be in any form of Revenue Generating Activities like Purchase, Sign-ups, Downloads, Registration etc.

Short/Long Codes

A short code is a fewer digits number than a 10-digit telephone number to which an SMS or text message can be sent. For example, a short code could be 56767. It may be specific to one mobile operator or common and supported by all major mobile operators.

On the other hand Long Codes offer a reliable platform for mobile campaigns since an individual is the sole owner and content provider of the number. He has unlimited keywords and control over routing inbound and outbound messages.A wireless subscriber is made aware of a Long Code through TV, radio, online or through an advertisement, and asked to send a text message or call the 10 digit number. After this he addresses a text message to the Long Code number (e.g. 9740008888) and enters text into the message.

Cost Per Lead Solutions

Cost Per Lead Solutions are widely accepted due to the guaranteed returns. This solution enables us to market your product through SMS and Emails and generate leads for the same. It saves marketing cost as you just have to pay for the leads generated and other additional costs which charge otherwise gets eliminated.

Toll Free Numbers

Toll-free Service allows callers to reach your organizations across the country through a unique toll free number. This service provides free, quick and easy access for enterprises to reach out to customers, business partners and employees. Our Intelligent Network provides advanced call routing options gives the flexibility to route calls as per the business processes and rules.

Client Testimonials

  • Sachmass Academy referred by Mr. Manish Keniya from Legal Spectrum is a well known entity imparting Phonics awareness has been receiving services of M/S Bhavana Televentures since last four years are very pleased and satisfied with the services of the entire staff who is very polite, humble, patient and extremely helpful. with their high level of service the diagnose and also solve the issue within 24 hours. We shall always recommend Bhavana televenture with confidence.

    Mr. Manish Keniya
  • Being in Financial Services firm we deal in different types of Financial Procedures and services. We send regular alerts and reminders to all out clients for which Bhavan Televentures have provided us with good SMS Pack for my office use. His team has done all needful work   very quickly and efficiently. Now i am relaxed for sending regular reminders. For all the dedication and capability I stringly recommend Bhavan Televentures.

    Andrew Lee

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